October 26, 2017


Im used to my Thursday night ritual of self tanning then waking up in the morning to a semi perfect (ok not perfect at all) tan that gives me a glow in all the right places with my clothes on - with my clothes off is a different story… I have been seeing a lot of hype online and within my circle of friends about SKT and how you go into the salon and come out nothing short of bronzed and flawless.

I liked the sound of this magical treatment where you just reinvent your whole skin colour to a completely new one within minutes. To be honest the only thing stopping me was the fact that I had to get naked in front of a complete stranger and not only that I then have to stand there for god knows how long.

After one month of putting it off I finally decided to try a spray tan.. at a salon… with no clothes on in front of a complete stranger. The time was booked.. It was a Wednesday and for 830pm I went for the later time hoping that not many people would be around at the same time and it might settle my nerves if it wasn't that busy.

I was extremely nervous about getting my first tan - not because of the outcome but because of the “getting it done” part. I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to wear and what was the norm, I didn't want to go in there and do something weird like go completely naked then find out that no one does that.. I wasn't sure if I should wear a bra and how that happens, do I take everything off all at once or do they do just parts of your body and you can quickly remove what you need to as you go. Do they actually stand in there with you and spray your body or is there more to it, and how long do I have to stand there with no clothes on? All these questions were going to be answered and like anything the first time is always the most nerve racking.

8pm rolled around and I had had a shower, i didn't put any deodorant on or moisturiser on as per the recommendation and even though I wouldn't usually be seen dead without make up I refrained from putting any on (another reason for my late appointment).

I packed some loose clothing to go home in, I know what you're thinking why don't I just wear the loose clothing there.. but again I wasn't too sure what the protocol was so the more clothes I had to choose from the better and the less likely I would stand out for adorning the wrong spray tan clothing.

830 I arrived for my appointment - i was greeted by Courtney who was the person I was booked in with according to my confirmation email and she asked me to take a seat and she wouldn't be long. Whilst sitting there I noticed other clients coming out in all sorts of clothing from tights to baggy clothing and from high heels to jandals - I soon realised that it was the sort of place you could rock up at at any time of the day either after work or before picking up the kids from school and you wouldn't look out of place. The women exiting the booths seemed filled with a new lease of life and I noticed the confidence that seemed to beam from them on leaving the salon.

My name was called and I was up.. a rush of nerves flew through my body and I began to over think everything. Courtney asked me to pop into the booth and get undressed to what ever I felt comfortable in then to stand on the towel and to face the back. Phew face the back - I was happy with that, at least I wasn't on full display right from the get go and was a good way to ease into it.

Beth came in and began to tell me how to stand and to brace myself as it may be a bit cold - she began to spray my back and she wasn't wrong - it was definitely cold! As i was sprayed and put into positions I was able to have a great chat about all sorts of things and before I knew it it was all over! It was done so fast and and so methodical and was no where near as bad as I had made up in my head.

I couldn't help but have a look at the contrast of my tan and I could understand why the women I saw earlier had emerged from the booths with such confidence. I was one of those women - I put my clothes on and exited the booth and smiled knowingly at the next women sitting in the waiting area waiting for their names to be called up.

I arrived home and announced that I had had a tan and no one was to touch me or go near me with water. I should actually get a tan every other day as this got me out of doing a lot of the nightly chores and I was able to blob on the couch watching Netflix.

The next morning I got up and went straight to the bathroom mirror to check out my tan - it was awesome, what a great way to start the day and it had made my skin look so even I didn't even think I would need to put make up on.

I jumped in the shower and instantly all the bronzer began to wash away and was left with a gorgeous bronzed tan - no wonder this product was called BGorgeous as that is exactly how I felt!

Nervous as I was at the start to try something new I will say without a shadow of a doubt that this spray tanning thing is addictive! there is no way I can go back to my normal pasty self… I do think being tanned is my new norm!

Happy Tanning Guys