October 26, 2017


My weekend was about to begin with my weekly spray tan done at SKT. I made sure that I had shaved my legs the night before and exfoliated the shit out of my body - I'm sure I actually took a layer of skin off but hey, I wanted to get the most out of my spray tan and make sure that nothing was on my skin, from experience the better the prep the better the tan.

My usual tan in the past has always been a single coat of either BGorgeous medium 8 hour leaving it on overnight or the one hour rapid if I am short for time and want the tan for that same day or the next morning. I booked my tan online www.sunkissedtan.co.nz and booked in my usual 8 hour tan for 630pm Friday night.

I arrived at SKT with my fav tanner greeting me, Danielle, who would greet me with “the usual” I would pay then enter into the booth. But today was like no other day, Sarita asked if I wanted to go a bit darker today and do another coat? Another coat… what would this mean? I love being this bronzed gorgeous babe stepping out of the salon, would this mean it could possibly double that sense of “OMG” instead of looking 5kgs skinnier would it mean I would like 10kgs skinnier? I know we should say we get tans to look “healthy” but lets get real… the shadowing does amazing things with our bodies and we DO look skinner!

Anyway I said yes to the double coat, paid the extra $10 and headed towards the booth of nakedness. What happens with a double coat anyway? I was interested to see what this consisted of…. actually a lot of the description on what they do was in the name.. it was another coat of tan. Sarita only took about 7 minutes to complete the tan and was out and said I could get dressed.. I had a sneaky look at my tan line…umm whoah ok thats dark I am definitely going to have to go straight home and wait this out.

3 hours later……..

I usually go quite dark with one coat medium as I do have a bit of colour in my skin naturally, however this was getting super dark. Even though every spray tan I have had at SKT has turned out flawless I think there is still something subconsciously in every womens mind that screams “youre going to turn out orange”

In my shear panic I ended up messaging SKT on Facebook - it was 10pm at night and I wasn't hopeful I would get an answer but I did! the response back assured me that everything was progressing as it should and that I should just wait it out. I wasn't convinced however I let it run its course and went to sleep. I did wake up mid 3am thinking maybe I should jump in the shower seeing that would be the 8 hours up…but sleep got the better of me and I thought I would deal with the situation in the morning.

8 am rolled around and I got up and checked my face out in the mirror. Ok yup thats totally dark and first up jumping in the shower is more important right now then my normal morning coffee.

I rushed into the shower and noticed the tan line and how white I actually was before this super dark tan! as the water ran down and the bronzer began to wash off I could see my tan being washed down the drain and slowly my skin started to assume the colour of a naturally tanned person.

I got out of the shower and quickly checked again in the mirror. The tan turned out amazing! I had actually been freaking out about something that turned out to be a bit of a non event on the tan complaint department. Phewwwwww! A quick snap of my tan line to my friend to confirm that emergency had been diverted and all was well.

Double coat medium you are my new favourite and I am pleased I decided to take the plunge and try you on for size. The question is now.. how dark can I actually go….